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Deirdre Keane


IT Services Communications Coordinator

Deirdre Keane is the IT Services Communications Coordinator in UCC. Deirdre started her career in UCC in 2004 as an administrator working in professional services and academic units and commenced her current role in 2021.

Deirdre implements communication strategies to enhance and promote IT Services for staff and students of UCC. Deirdre was the Editor and Chief of UCC’s first Digital Master Plan in 2021 and has just launched a refresh of the UCC Digital Master Plan in October 2023. Deirdre leads and coordinates the content creation, design, and the visual identity for IT Services both internally in UCC and externally. Deirdre uses social media platforms such as X and Instagram, the ITBytes Podcast and the IT Services website to communicate to UCC students, staff and the wider public. For internal communication, Deirdre utilises Microsoft SharePoint, WorkVivo and digital signage to securely communicate to staff and students. She also works on awareness campaigns, including coordinating events around Cyber Security Month in October.