Digital Transformation: Creating the Digital Advisory Centre in UCC ▶

Since the global pandemic, there has been an impetus to shift from paper-based processes to digital-based processes across many organisations. In University College Cork, this impetus became embedded in our strategic plan 2023 -2028 under goal 5.3to “enhance our digitally connected campus to enable greater innovation, agility and excellence, transforming how we work and learn”. The Digital Advisory Centre (DAC) was created to form a collaborative team from different units of IT Services, to drive this innovation and to ensure standardised approaches were put in place in line with the goal set out in the strategic plan.  

During this session we will talk about: 

  • Pre-pandemic, there was a reluctance to move away from paper-based processes. With the move to remote working there was an increasing demand from users for ways to digitise these processes quickly. 
  • How the move back to the office and hybrid working highlighted the need to put structure and rigor around our digital processes.  
  • We will outline how one department has benefited from our guided approach to digital transformation to automate paper processes.