Exploring the Legacy of RV Tom Crean: Pioneering Maritime Research and Conservation in the Modern Era ▶


Keith Manson - Marine Institute
Kevin Gannon - Juniper Networks
Ronan McCarthy - Juniper Networks

Harnessing our Ocean Wealth

The Marine Institute is the State agency response for marine research, technology development and innovation in Ireland, providing scientific and technical advice to Government, the Research community and multiple other stakeholders from across the Marine Sector.

We aim to be a leader in Ireland and Europe’s digital transformation through the development of an interactive digital model of the ocean, to advance our knowledge, advice and services.

ICT is central to this strategic priority. A vast array of National Research Infrastructure is in place, with this presentation providing an insight into the equipment, systems and services used to acquire, process and publish large volumes of environmental data.

The latest addition to such infrastructure is the RV Tom Crean, a state of the art research vessel commissioned in June 2022. Keith Manson (Marine Institute, IT Systems & Operations Manager), Ronan McCarthy (Juniper Sales Ireland) and Kevin Gannon (Senior SE) will discuss some of the challenges and opportunities in commissioning the vessel ICT infrastructure, a project that was shortlisted for the 2023 Tech Excellence awards.