Monitoring the Irish Electrical Power Grid Using PMUs at HEAnet POP Sites with Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Synchronization ▶


Dr. David Laverty - Queen's University Belfast

This talk will focus on a new project that seeks to monitor the Irish electrical power grid using Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) installed at HEAnet sites across the country. PMUs are devices that measure the electrical characteristics of the grid at several locations and transmit the data to a central location for analysis. The key innovation in this work is the use of Precision Time Protocol (PTP) to synchronise the PMUs, instead of relying on space-based time services like GPS and GNSS.  

The presentation will cover the benefits and challenges of using PTP for time synchronisation, as well as the technical aspects of configuring and testing the PMUs. We will also discuss the potential applications of the real-time data generated by the PMUs, including grid stability analysis, fault detection, and power quality monitoring. Overall, this project has the potential to improve the resilience and efficiency of the Irish electrical power grid and can serve as a template for similar projects in other countries and regions.  

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