Environmental Policy

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HEAnet is aware of the impact of greenhouse gases (GHG) on our climate and on prospects for society now and in the future. It accepts that people and organisations at all levels have obligations to control GHG emissions and to act responsibly in our lives and our businesses. Further, HEAnet has a special position due to its national standing and its advocacy of leading-edge technology and applications. In this sense, we have a duty both to adopt best environmental practice, and to promote appropriate networking technology as an alternative to practices which act as large GHG sources.

Conscious of the need to operate within budget and to get value for money, HEAnet will use good environmental practice within its business activities. It will:

Respect the environment and emphasise every employee’s responsibility to improve environmental performance;

Align with client corporate policies on the environment and work with them to fulfil targets to reduce GHG emissions;

Consider environmental issues in all our business activities, including procurement decisions for goods and services;

Observe prudence in our use of resources, reduce wastage as far as economically possible, and monitor and review progress periodically;

Promote the use of appropriate networking technology as an environmentally positive alternative;

Work with others in the NREN community to raise standards and carry forward greater enhancements in environmentally sensible practices;

Save energy by ensuring that equipment is switched off when not needed, by monitoring and controlling usage, and by using sustainable forms where possible;

Support staff in the use sustainable transport for commuting and work-related travel;

Help to achieve relevant targets set for sustainable operations and development; and

Re-use and recycle where possible, and dispose of what is left in a responsible way.