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HEAnet Newsletter
Issue 1 – April 2019

HEAnet Brokerage Services help clients save time, effort and money when looking to procure ICT related goods and services – spanning all aspects of equipment, services and software licensing.

This April 2019 update covers:

  1. VLE (virtual learning environment)
  2. Desktops and Laptops
  3. GÉANT IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) framework

VLE (Virtual learning environment)

HEAnet has just completed a VLE tender process to create a framework agreement for use by all our clients.

This framework will run for four (04) years and commenced in March 2019.

All major VLE solutions are in the framework:

  • Blackboard Learn/Ultra
  • Canvas
  • D2l
  • itslearning
  • Moodle

There are three (03) Moodle providers in the framework:

  • Blackboard
  • Catalyst
  • Enovation

This tender was run with the close co-operation of our client community.  Many thanks to DCU, MU and TCD for providing the Subject Matter Experts (SME) to conclude the tender.

Desktops and Laptops

The current drawdown for Desktops and Laptops, with Dell, continues until 23rd May. 

HEAnet will run a mini-tender through the Office of Government Procurement’s (OGP) 
existing framework in Q2 2019.  The specifications are currently being finalised with the community.  In parallel to this, HEAnet is part of the SME team crafting and evaluating the OGP’s new Desktop and Laptop tender.


Apple devices

The current drawdown for Apple devices has been extended to January 2020.

GÉANT IaaS framework

The GÉANT IaaS framework has been well received by clients and 34 institutions are currently using it. We are working with the providers in the framework to organise technical training sessions in 2019. GÉANT has already commenced preparing the ground to run a new tender process.

For more information on any of our brokerage services please email noc@heanet.ie or visit www.heanet.ie/brokerage

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