Is your ICT environment secure?

HEAnet Newsletter
Issue 1 – April 2019

HEAnet ICT Security Services was established in early 2018 to deliver standardised core security services which are common, repeatable and shareable solutions relevant to all HEAnet client institutions.

ICT Security Services is a subscription service, delivered as a “package deal” starting with an annual security and risk assessment of a client’s ICT Environment.  All the recommendations are based on the security and risk assessment results.

The additional package services are carried out over the 12-month period, immediately following the completion of the security and risk assessment:

  • ICT Policy Review & Development: on a selected number of IT policies
  • Security & Perimeter Assessments: 4x network and perimeter scans, analysed and reported on by HEAnet’s expert team
  • General Awareness Training: on-site face to face security awareness training
  • Access to Security Competence:
    • community forum to collaborate with clients on new security threats, products etc…
    • in-house workshops facilitated by HEAnet to maximise client-to-client collaboration on security topics

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