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eduroam stands for education roaming

It provides secure and easy to use Wi-Fi access in thousands of locations in more than a hundred countries around the globe.

Once you’ve connected for the first time you never need to enter your details again, eduroam will automatically connect you whenever you’re in range of an eduroam hotspot. The best thing is the hotspot you’re using never sees your details.

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More Information

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Tel: +353 (0)1 6609040

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Become an eduroam Service Provider?

Click here to learn more about becoming an eduroam Wi-Fi Service Provider or Contact

Where can I eduroam?

Click here to view our interactive map and find an eduroam hotspot near you.

eduroam Everywhere

eduroam Everywhere was a project managed by HEAnet. The objective of the eduroam Everywhere project, as the name suggests, was to enable eduroam at as many locations as possible. The project focused on locations that are easily accessible to students beyond the campus walls. Click here to read the full project report.

Related eduroam services

  • eduroam National Gateways
    The eduroam national gateways are a critical component of eduroam in Ireland. They are the means by which eduroam participants in Ireland are hooked into the global eduroam service.
  • Managed Radius Service
    The Managed Radius Service is the service under which HEAnet build and maintain the Radius servers that a site must have in place in order to participate in the eduroam service.
  • eduroam Managed IdP a GÉANT based service for small clients (<300 people) allowing them to implement Identity Management (for eduroam) in their organisation without needing the skills or infrastructure inhouse.

Additional information on these related eduroam services is available from our Service Desk 

The following details will allow you to verify the compatibility of your wireless device, and configure your wireless client to avail of the eduroam service at our offices:

  • Wireless network name (SSID): eduroam
  • Encryption levels supported: AES (some wireless clients list this as an option under “WPA2” or “WPA2 Enterprise”)

Authentication details

  • In addition to knowing your credentials, you may also need to explicitly configure your wireless client to allow your credentials to be conveyed securely to your home site. If any such configuration is needed, the relevant details are provided by your home site.

Network access details

The following details are for network access provided from our offices via eduroam:

  • Port/Protocol restrictions : All outbound IP traffic is permitted except for SMTP (to block outbound e-mail spam) and Windows networking traffic (to block outbound worms and virii)
  • Transparent proxying of your traffic: No
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) of wireless device address: No
  • IPv6 support: No

In summary, once successfully authenticated your wireless device will be allocated a public IP address and you will have direct Internet access via both IPv4 and IPv6.

Note that authentication problems should typically be addressed to the support staff at your home site, as the security mechanisms within eduroam mean that much of the detail of the authentication step is not visible to the support staff at visited sites.