Additional Services for Hosting Customers

Storage for Hosting Customers

EduStorage is HEAnet’s network cloud data storage service. It provides:

  • Over the network access to our new resilient SAN infrastructure.
  • General-purpose block storage via iSCSI from either/both of our two data centres (in Blanchardstown and Parkwest) directly to your servers on your campus LAN.

EduStorage allows you to create remote disks, which can then be mounted on your server wherever it is physically hosted.

You can configure your server operating system to mount the disk using an in-built iSCSI initiator – no extra hardware or software is required. Once created and mounted, the network mounted disk volume can be treated just like locally attached storage.

EduStorage is ideal if you need to add or replace local storage and wish to avoid the complexity and expense of deploying a resilient SAN infrastructure.

Costs: €275 per TB per year

LAN Extensions

In addition to regular IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity, Data Centre Hosting clients may optionally make use of our MPLS network to deploy layer 2 point-to-point Ethernet circuits between their own network and equipment hosted in our Data Centre(s), providing high-speed LAN inter-connections with remote equipment.

Costs: There is an additional charge for LAN extensions. Please contact for further information.