• This is a service which is available for use by HEAnet member institutions. Any of these institutions may avail of this service to run electronic discussion lists of relevance to the Irish Higher Education and Research Community. This HEAnet-funded service enables academics to communicate via e-mail to collaborate on projects, to discuss ideas in relation to a specfic subject area, or to announce conferences and arrange meetings.

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In March 2002 HEAnet migrated Listserv to a new dedicated platform, providing more capacity and a faster and more performant service for users and list owners. This server is the first IPv6-enabled Listserv in the world, which means it is ready and able to serve users of the next generation Internet protocol.

Directory of lists maintained at LISTSERV.HEANET.IE

To apply for a Listserv mailing list, please fill out this form

The Listserv system is a dedicated Listserv server, with FTP services being migrated to the new mirror server (see above). The dedicated host gives much greater room for future expansion and for list archives, as well as relieving Listserv of any contention issues. HEAnet’s Listserv server, which we believe to have been the first IPv6 Listserv machine in the world, is being used regularly by others to test their own IPv6 mail capabilities, something we are happy to be able to facilitate.

There are now 746 mailing lists hosted, with over 33,000 subscribers. Listserv receives about 7,000 postings, and distributes about 100,000 mails, on an average day. There are approximately 800 IPv6 mails per day, slightly below 1% of the total volume.

Application Procedure for Setting Up a New HEAnet Listserv Mailing List

In order to apply to set up a mailing list using HEAnet’s listserv service, certain conditions must be met, including the following :

  • The topic to be discussed by the list must be of relevance to the Irish Higher Educational and Research Community
  • Two list owners must be appointed, at least one of which must belong to a HEAnet subscribing institution.
  • The list owners should be familiar with LSOFT’s LISTSERV List Owner’s Manual and with the HEAnet’s LISTSERV AUP

The applicant must first contact the support staff at his/her own HEAnet member institution to inform them of their wish to set up such a list.

They should fill out the on-line listserv application form at

This is automatically mailed to HEAnet NOC or alternatively submit a complete a text form to and mail it via their listserv contact person to HEAnet NOC. Maintenance of the list thereafter becomes the listowner’s responsibility.

The institution’s helpdesk or support staff are the point of contact for listowners with difficulties; the listowner is the point of contact for members of their list.

Unfortunately Listserv does not offer spamassassin integration, however we do have the facility to reject mails at SMTP receive
time if they score particularly highly with spamassassin. This would need to be done for all lists however and it is not possible to tune per-list. We would expect the number of “false-positives” (non-spam mails filtered anyway) to be very small, of the order of less than 1/1000, but that it would be easily implementable
and be effective at reducing the ammount of spam to HEAnet-hosted lists.

Details of spamassassin can be found at:

Listserv Privacy Statement

What Personal Information do we require to make Listserv work?
When you applied for a list on you provided information by web form including your name, email address and Member Institution. We use this information to operate the list and to improve our services.

What do we do with your personal information?
We process your personal information for the legitimate interests of making Listserv work for HEAnet, our Client Institutions and the individual users of the service. You have the right to object to this processing and may do so by contacting us at Please bear in mind that if you object, this may affect our ability to carry out tasks for your benefit.

Who do we disclose your information to?
We do not disclose your information to third parties without your consent or unless required to do so by law or a regulatory body. We may provide information to your Member Institution to help your Institution understand the usage of Listserv by the subscribing institution.

Further Information: Please feel free to contact HEAnet, Tel 01.6609040, if you have any questions about this or need site contact coordinates.