NOC Support

The HEAnet Network Operations Centre (NOC) is operated from the HEAnet office in Dublin. The NOC implements, maintains and supports the HEAnet network and services. The HEAnet ticketing system allows the NOC to track faults and report ticket details to clients and peers.

Standard NOC operating hours are 09:0017:30 Monday to Friday (excepting public holidays).


Telephone: +353 (0)1 660 9040 (and ask for the NOC Service Desk).


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NOC 24/7 Support

The HEAnet NOC operates on a 24/7 basis for Priority 1 faults. A Priority 1 fault counts as loss of service to the following HEAnet services:

  • IP Connectivity (including DDoS mitigation)
  • JAGGER (Edugate resource registry)
  • IDP: Hosted / Managed / Standby
  • HEAnet Hosted Moodle Service
  • P2P links

The on-call engineer can be contacted on +353 1 660 9040.
Please note: emails to are only monitored during normal business hours.

Monitoring Tools
  • Netflow
  • NTP

We are currently trialling Netflow Tracker and allowing our clients to view this information via a web-based portal with federated access.

Netflow Tracker takes information (Netflow Version 9) from our client’s connections and stores them in a database for 14 days.

A graphical user interface then displays this information to our clients. Each client can only access their own connections. This real time monitoring of NetFlow allows clients to have the detailed information necessary to identify, isolate and troubleshoot network performance issues. It takes the raw numbers that make up the Netflow data generated from a routers interface and converts them to easy to read/interpret charts for analysis. Clients can query IPv4 and IPv6 traffic

It answers such questions as

  • Exactly what makes up my network traffic?
  • Who are the users?
  • What applications are they using?
  • Who and what are consuming the bandwidth?
  • Are there worms and viruses in my network, where are they, where did they come from, and where are they going?

For more information, please contact the HEAnet Network Operations Centre on 01-6609040, or at

There are two stratum-1 time servers within the HEAnet network. To ensure uptime and precision one of the servers is located in Dublin and synchronizes to the Anthorn MSF signal; the second server is located in Waterford and synchronizes to GPS. This service, available over IPv4 or IPv6, can be accessed by any host in any of the HEAnet client networks and all that is needed is to configure your hosts to synchronize with and/or

Quarterly Service Reports

HEAnet provide each of its clents with a comprehensive Quarterly Service Report which measures past network performance against service level agreements. These reports will be sent out before the 21st of the month following a quarter end. Any questions regarding these reports should be sent to


HEAnet provides a DNS service for HEAnet customers based on high availability primary and secondary nameservers. This service is ideal for small organisations which do not have the resources themselves to operate nameservers and maintain DNS information.

.ie Registration

HEAnet is an IEDR Accredited Registrar and can offer member institutions a discounted rate for all .ie domain name registrations. As well as new .ie domains HEAnet member institutions may initially register two second-level domain names under the .ie domain for no additional charge.

If you wish to apply to have an .ie domain registered please contact NOC at

IP Addressing (LIR)

HEAnet provides IP addresses to its clients in the education and research community in Ireland. It comes within the ambit of the European Regional Registry, operated by the RIPE NCC, and follows the guidelines laid down by RIPE. HEAnet use RIPE NCC allocated addresses. The services of the HEAnet IP registry are available to those in the Irish education and research community who have a valid requirement for IPv4 or IPv6 address space for Internet connectivity.

IPv4 Allocation Form IPv6 Allocation Form