Better the Devil You Know,Fact or Fiction? The Journey in Stakeholder Engagement in the Adoption of a New Platform ▶


Marguerite McEnery - University of Limerick


Better the devil you know is a phrase which is used to suggest that when faced with two choices, it is best to stick with something familiar even if it’s not ideal, as the unknown alternative could be worse.

How can we alter the all too familiar mindset of “we don’t want to change from what is familiar” to successfully moving to a new platform, adopting a toolkit that is feature rich and enabling digital processes for a modern workforce.

Join us as we debunk the myth that change is bad. With strong customer engagement we will share how we overcame these challenges in our SharePoint Migration project from 2010 to SharePoint online. We will talk through our experience of a large-scale migration project where change management and user engagement were prioritised and the impact this had on the success of the project.

In our experience, communicating and engaging with customers early and at each and every stage of the project ensures that they feel like an integral part of the change journey which in turn truly positively impacts their perspective on embracing new technologies.

In this session we will discuss

•Stakeholder Engagement

•Communication plans

•Change Management

•Expectation Management

•User Adoption& Collaboration


•Tips and Tricks to apply to other large-scale projects

Our project was a massive success largely because we engaged with our customers and brought them along on the journey with us, so why don’t you now join us as we explore our journey through a large-scale migration project.