Expanding Opportunities With the Digital Campus

The spread of COVID-19 dramatically altered campus life. COVID-19 has caused disruptions in education and prolonged school closures all around the world, which affected 90% of the world’s student population.


But with big challenges come also big opportunities. Fortunately, we are seeing a lot of creativity in many countries which have started re-imaging education, i.e. thinking about alternative ways of providing education (for example using online tools to assure that lesson plans, videos, tutorials, and other resources are available for both students and teachers). 


Advanced technology applied to campus (i.e digital campus) can create new ways for students to learn, and changes how teachers plan and deliver lessons. It can also provide the digital tools for IT departments to simplify operations, better comply with regulations, and deliver a safer environment for students. 


The talk will explore how the rise of the digital campus presents significant opportunities for higher education with some real case examples.