• Internet of Things

    Hello everyone, On behalf of HEAnet I would like to hear your ideas on how Internet of Things/IOT could benefit your educational environment and what HEAnet could do to help.

    Let me start by setting the scene.

    What is Internet

  • Networks as a Service

    What is NaaS?

    One of the areas of development that HEAnet pursues is Networks as a Service (NaaS.) This is a delivery model for network services. It uses virtualisation technologies to provide services on demand, without requiring specialised physical equipment …

  • Legacy Resources

    RIPE policy on legacy resources (including class A, B and C addresses)

    There are changes taking place to how legacy IP resources are handled at RIPE. These matter to us because they affect our ability to connect some of our …

  • Next Generation Network

    The Next Generation Network Programme consists of three implementation projects to achieve Enhanced Network Resilience.

    1) The Optical Dublin Core Ring upgrade project has added an additional optical node at second PoP sites in DCU, TCD and UCD and was …