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Available to HEAnet, its member institutes and consumers of its services.

Products Available Under the DPS

This is a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the delivery of Managed ICT Security Services.  The current providers on the DPS are:

Supplier SIEM Platform Type
Accenture MxDR, QRadar, Sentinel, Splunk
Atos Alsaac
BDO Cortex XSIAM, QRadar, Sentinel
Bytes QRadar, Sentinel, InsightIDR, Vision One
Commsec AT&T AlienVault
CWSI Sentinel
Eirevo QRadar, Sentinel
Fox-IT Sentinel, Splunk
Future Range Barracuda Skout
Integrity 360 InsightIDR, Sentinel, Splunk
Khipu Cortex XDR, Google Chronicle
Logicalis Sentinel
Magnet Plus AT&T AlienVault
Pentesec InsightIDR
PlanNet 21 Communications P21
PFH Technology Group Barracuda Skout, CrowdStrike
Presidio CrowdStrike, FireEye, QRadar, Sentinel
SenseOn SenseOn
Smarttech247 QRadar
Softcat Vision One
S2 Grupo Gloria
Threatscape Cortex XSIAM, Sentinel, QRadar
Ward Solutions QRadar

Additional suppliers who meet the qualification criteria for the DPS can be added during the DPS operational lifetime (4 years).

More Detailed Information

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