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A number of research centres around the country are connected to our HEAnet Network – giving them access to high-speed resilient connectivity network.  Additionally, these research centres can avail of HEAnet services which are particularly relevant to their academic research.

Accelerate Connectivity Programme

The Accelerate Connectivity Programme connects industry research partners to the HEAnet network, thus offering a conduit to the many academic researchers across the Irish higher education and research sector.

The nationwide reach of our HEAnet network offers a cost-effective approach to connecting industry partners who are often times just a single short network hop away from an adjacent higher education campus location.

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HEAnet Cloud Services

Thanks to a unique pan-European collaboration with GÉANT, HEAnet offers you a range of attractive IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud computing solutions, tailor-made, and priced, for academia.

This framework covers Infrastructure as a Service including Compute, Storage & Network.

Additionally, researchers, research institutions, and tender (buyer) groups can take advantage of the OCRE project’s cloud vouchers, which are FREE at the point of the user. This is part of OCRE’s aim of stimulating the uptake of commercial digital services by researchers.

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EOSC (European Open Science Cloud)

Over the past years, numerous policy makers from around the world have articulated a clear and consistent vision of global Open Science as a driver for enabling a new paradigm of transparent, data-driven science as well as accelerating innovation.

In Europe, this vision is being realised through an ambitious programme under the heading of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

The EOSC will offer 1.7 million European researchers and 70 million professionals in science, technology, the humanities and social sciences a virtual environment with open and seamless services for storage, management, analysis and re-use of research data, across borders and scientific disciplines by federating existing scientific data infrastructures, currently dispersed across disciplines and the EU Member States.

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FileSender (Large File Transfer)

FileSender allows you to bypass email limitations when sharing large files with anyone, simply and securely.

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GÉANT Test Bed Service

HEAnet clients can access The GÉANT Testbeds Service (GTS) which h delivers integrated virtual environments as “testbeds” for the network research community.

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ICHEC (Irish Centre for High-End Computing)

Academic User support is a cornerstone of ICHEC and is invaluable to scientific research in Ireland.

Our support staff liaise with the research and scientific community, providing robust support to users and access to computational resources. Academic User Support are involved in a wide range of activities that support the research community.

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Multi-Domain VPN

Multi Domain Virtual Private Network

Multi-Domain Virtual Private Network (MD-VPN) provides an end-to-end international network service that enables scientists all over Europe to collaborate via a common private network infrastructure.

The MD-VPN​ service can be used for connectivity between clusters, grids, clouds and HPC (high-performance computing) centres, allowing them to form virtual distributed resources for third-party research projects.

MD-VPN offers fast delivery of VPNs to end users and so can be used in a variety of ways, from a long-term infrastructure with a high demand for intensive network usage to quick point-to-point connections for a conference demonstration.​

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Point-to-Point Service

HEAnet provides a Point to Point Service which allows institutions to link remote sites and campuses into a single Local Area Network.

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Science Foundation Ireland and HEAnet Projects

(I-LOFAR) The Irish Low Frequency Array

The Irish Low Frequency Array (I-LOFAR) has been awarded €1.4 million from Science Foundation Ireland in January 2016. This funding will allow for the building of a cutting-edge radio telescope at Birr Castle, which will connect Ireland to the International LOFAR Telescope, utilising HEAnet’s high-speed network. HEAnet is providing a 10Gbit/s circuit for the I-Lofar project from Birr Castle to the LOFAR core node at Groningen in the Netherlands.

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CONNECT and Pervasive Nation

The CONNECT Centre for Future Networks and Communications was awarded €1.8 million by Science Foundation Ireland in January 2016 for Pervasive Nation – a national wireless Internet of Things (IoT) research infrastructure. The Pervasive Nation network will initially be rolled out across ten third-level campuses before going nationwide. Pervasive Nation aims to be a resource for industry, government and academia, acting as a strong catalyst for IoT research and innovation. HEAnet’s high-speed network will provide connectivity and backhaul for the Pervasive Nation wireless antennas.

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