This is a preferential pricing quotation available to HEAnet, its member institutions and consumers of its services.

Products Available under Quotation

This quotation with Snapfix is for Maintenance, Fire Safety checks, Health and Safety checks, Inspections and Audits, Snagging renovations and Fitouts, IT Helpdesk Ticketing, Lost & Found, Asset/Equipment tracking, and more – as simple as taking a photo.


The quotation will expire on 5 June 2024.

More Detailed Information

Pricing – Unlimited Users:  Preferential Pricing for the HEAnet community, with a 50% discount to Snapfix’s Business Package. Full details on Snapfix pricing can be found here.

You can request the information bundle here by selecting Snapfix_Preferential_Pricing.

For more information, please contact brokerage@heanet.ie.