GÉANT is the leading collaboration on e-infrastructure and services for research and education.Its member organisations are the NRENs (National Research and Education Network; such as HEAnet). GÉANT serves this community in Europe, helping them to deliver innovative networks, technologies and services for research and education.

GÉANT mobilises the expertise and experience of hundreds of professionals from among its staff, member organisations, institutions and the wider research and education networking community. Its activities build on the human and other resources that they contribute:

  • GÉANT provides practical support for members, educators, researchers and other partners to collaborate, innovate, share knowledge and agree on policies and strategies;
  • GÉANT organises events such as workshops, meetings, training and conferences, including TNC – Europe’s largest networking conference for research and education;
  • GÉANT plans, procures, builds and operates large-scale, advanced international high-speed networks, including the 500 Gbit/s pan-European GÉANT network;
  • GÉANT develops, operates and supports services relating to such areas as trust and identity, security and certification, mobility and access, and media and real-time communications;
  • GÉANT gathers community expertise, and provide staff expertise in procurement, project management, community engagement, network operations, and outreach including dissemination and training;
  • GÉANT liaises with other e-infrastructure organisations, user communities, industry and with the European Union;

GÉANT has been a trusted partner of the European Commission (EC) for many years, as the coordinator of network projects co-funded by the European Union (EU) and NREN organisations in Europe, and by those in other world regions. GÉANT is the coordinating partner of the GN4 Phase 2 project .

Many of GÉANT’s task forces, special interest groups, workshops, conferences and other activities are open to anyone with appropriate expertise, manpower, equipment or services. Other activities are carried out by staff or partners in the context of a specific project (such as GÉANT project or as part of the core business of GÉANT.

Do you want to know more or be involved in some way with the GÉANT project, please contact Victor Reijs.