Gatekeeper IP Blocking Service Townhall

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Venue : MS Teams (link to follow)
Date(s) : 15th August 2023
Start Time : 11:00
Ends : 12:00
Registration : Closed
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We are pleased to announce that we are launching the Gatekeeper IP Blocking Service. This system allows you to filter and block malicious traffic flows before they reach your institution’s network.  Find out more about this new service. 

There are several security service updates that we would like to share with you at this event which include: 

  • Introduction to Gatekeeper  
  • Demonstration of eduVPN 
  • Client Netflow Portal update 
  • Update on the rollout of the SOC & SIEM service 


Join us on Tuesday, the 15th of August at 11 am for this online Townhall event where you can find out more about our client services. 

Please note this is a client-only event. 

*The agenda below is subject to change.


Time  Item 
11:00 Welcome and introductions
11:05 Gatekeeper Introduction
11:20 eduVPN Demonstration
11.30 Client Netflow Portal
11:40 Update on SOC & SIEM Services
11:50 Q&A