RESIN: Susie Cullinane – SETU. Experiences with a CRIS

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Venue : MS Teams (link to follow)
Date(s) : 20th October 2022
Start Time : 12:00
Ends : 12:30
Registration : Closed
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Susie Cullinane, Senior Research Coordinator will discuss why South East Technological University implemented a Current Research Information System (CRIS).

A CRIS is an essential tool for the day-to-day work of Research Managers and Administrators (RMAs). Making large amounts of research information usable for all university stakeholders is a huge administrative task for RMAs. A CRIS brings research information from all university data sources onto a single, intelligent, and secure platform.

Susie will discuss how its fully interconnected data model empowers SETU to gain a comprehensive overview of all research activities, collaborate beyond borders, maximise funding opportunities, promote open science activities and showcase the impact of SETU's achievements.